Dyeing process

Gregoria Fiber works with quite a big range of yarns and wools (read more about it here) and are all naturally dyed.

Using botanical dyes -extracted from plants- either foraged and found plants around my garden (grow by myself) or finds from my local market . Natural dyeing is experimentation - which is what I love about it! Every batch and every skein is unique.

Before starting to dye, I take time to manually debulk the bobbins we receive from our mills into smaller skeins. Some of the bobbins sometimes have knots which is why we do this manually - I sort the yarn, and only take the small skeins without any knots into the dyeing process. After all, I only want to give you the highest quality I can!

I then clean the skeins using diluted vinegar bath and then another bath in a neutral ph soap before we put them into the mordant. I only use alum or iron as mordant. After their mordant bath, the skeins are cleaned again before going into the most exciting part: the dyeing!

When I used foraged plants, herbs or flowers, I usually prepare the dye by soaking or cooking them in warm water before putting the yarn into the dye pot. Depending on which color I want to achieve, I leave the yarn in the dye for one or up to a couple of hours or maybe overnight, and then let it cool inside the dye.

After the yarn is cooled, I rinsed two more times using neutral ph soap. Then I dry and reskein it - and it’s good to go!

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